Thank You for support my person and my artworks all around the world!

For every Person, every Artist and simple viewer – Thank You from my Heart!

Here links to my published works, interviews, awards…

1. Photographie par Emerald Wake : La Nature entre Chien et Loup (article written by Nat)

and more…

Thank You!

2.  15 Superb Pictures of Nature by Emerald Wake (article written by Lyndsey Meyer)

and more…

Thank You!

3.  James was awarded in publication of 21 Magical Photos of Curious Snails (by DL Cade)

Portrait of JAMES

Big Thanks!

4. Editor’s Choice on 500px




Thank You 500px for Your support!

5. 500px Photos of The Day [14.09.2013]


Thank You!

6. 500px Photos of The Day [04.01.2014]

Never Wonder

Chosen in Livingston County Photographers Group

Thank You so much!

7.  500px Photographs of The Week [20.01.2014]

IIID$ picture selected by Tara Lundrigan

Thank You!

8.  Published works on

and many more…

Thank You for Your support!

9. Awarded Works by Editors on

and more…

Thank You 35photo for Your support!

10.  Awarded works on Viewbug


King Snail

and many more…

Thank You Viewbug for Your support!

11. My mention on private Jason’s Jose blog “Faith is Torment”


and more…

Thank You!

12. Featured gallery on Pixelizam – facebook profile


Thank You!

13. Peaceful, Close-Up Shots Of Evening Light On Nature (by Thia Shi Min)


and more…

Thank You for Your support!

14. Природа в объективе… (by Романов Андрей)


and more…

Thank You very much for Your support!/Большое спасибо за поддержку!

I appreciate it/Я ценю это

15. Фотограф Emerald Wake. Поиск золота в природе (by Данидар )

One Day (2)

and more…

Thank You very much for Your support, Friend!!/Большое спасибо за вашу поддержку, друг

I appreciate it!/Я ценю это!

16. photo in SNAPSHOT at Issue #15 CAPRICE MAGAZINE

waiting for the night

Thank You!

17. Featured photos on ARTFreelance

Lost Moments


Thank You ARTFreelance for Your support!

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